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E-TEC was Founded in October 2007 by two (2) guys who have spent their careers in the manufacturing and machine tool industries. Silvio Collafemina (Joinville) the Brazilian, has more than 30 years of experience in the tool and die and machine tool sales here in Brazil. He runs the AMS (Advanced Manufacturing Systems) portion of the business. Ken Rasimas, the American, has equal time in the machine tool sales and distribution and as a consultant to the early builders of SLS (selective laser sintering). Together they saw the potential of this technology and were determined to make sure that Brazil would be a benefactor of its’ potential. E-TEC invested in and is the exclusive user of an EOS (Electro Optical Systems, Munich—Germany) P385 machine in Brazil. 

E-TEC is located in southern Minas Gerais and produces prototypes for medical, automotive, aerospace, white goods and other various markets normally within 2-3 days after receipt of the CAD file.

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The EOS system is a laser-guided layering process using powdered metals and/or plastics to make high precision parts in a matter of hours and not days. Input data is generated by the user in a 3D CAD format and sent to the machine system which in turn processes parts in a multitude of different materials.

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EOS 385

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