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New flame retardant material takes flight
Titanium now among laser-sintering materials

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  • PA 2200 Polyamide/white nylon
  • PA 2200 FR (fire retardant)
  • PA 3200 GF (glass-filled)
  • PrimePart DC
  • CarbonMide (carbon-filled polyamide)
  • Alumide (aluminum –filled polyamide)
  • PrimePart (fine polyamide)
  • PrimeCast 101 (polystyrene)


  • DirectMetal 20 (bronze-based metal for prototype injection molding tooling and metal parts)
  • DirectSteel H20 (high strength hardness, wear resistance and surface density. Properties similar to tool steel and heat treatable. Tensile strength 1200 MPa and higher after heat treatment)
  • CobaltChrome MP1 (cobalt, chrome, molybdenum super alloy having excellent mechanical properties and corrosion and temperature resistant. Biomedical version is CobaltChrome SP1use for dental restorations and medical implants)
  • StainlessSteel 17-4 (composition corresponds to US class 17-4 PH and Europe 1.4542. Functional prototypes, spare parts and engineered applications)
  • Titanium Ti64 / Ti64ELI (light alloy with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance)
  • MaragingSteel MS1 (high strength material with similar toughness. Easily machined and can be post-hardened to 55 HRc via simple thermal agehardening. US class 18 and Europe 1.2709 compatible)
*Note: Metal parts provided through USA partner
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