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E-TEC provides Rapid Prototyping Services across a spectrum of leading companies in diversified markets. We utilize technology that manufactures parts for every phase of the
product life cycle. Laser sintering accelerates product development and optimizes
product processes.

The Process

Actually the process is quite simple. Let us take you through it:

  1. Generate a 3D CAD drawing of what you want us to make (size and shape are not restrictions here)
  2. Send us your request for quote and your IGS, X_T, STP, SolidWorks, STL or other format file to our e-mail deposit: Vendas@e-techbrasil.com.br
  3. Please advise us of your material requirements and any special notes as to tolerance or surface finish needed
  4. We will respond promptly with our pricing and delivery (plastic parts usually in your hands the same week)
  5. Metal parts are currently provided by our USA partners and are shipped to us when completed. Parts are typically shot-peened only unless otherwise specified by you
  6. We work Saturdays and Sundays often and there is no additional cost to you
  7. Remember that freight (SEDEX) and ICMS are always included in our offer
  8. You pay only IPI (5%) additional
  9. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your parts return them to us and we will refund your purchase

E-Tec Quote

Points of Interest
Laser-sintered air-conditioning owns all qualities of a serial part
Laser-sintered air-conditioning is convincing by short lead time and high quality

air conditioner prototype

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